About us

Colibri Digital with more than 25 years of experience is delivering to our clients the best solutions in large format printing and Sign making with high performance products under Colibri Digital brand. Today we have more than 100 different products which suit everyday need of advertisement producers.


Colibri Digital is proud to be the leader in the manufacturing and delivery of quality LED products to the commercial signage industry. Our products are best in class in the signage market. Our company has a strong technical base in optoelectronics, material science, and process automation. We also understand what sign makers need, and how to translate these core skills into products that are both practical and innovative.

The newest product range of our company: top quality and well trusted solutions for signage industry, which includes LED modules, Light box solutions, power supplies, control systems etc.

Our engineering solutions and thousands of installations helped our product to become one of the top quality in the market. With a trust of our clients and completed projects all over Europe Union, we continue development and supply of wide range LED solutions.