5640 Series UV LED In

Colibri 5640 Series ink is UV LED Curable Ink (flexible version) that has excellent cracking resistance, jetting performance, and stable ink quality. 5640 series ink has bright colors and free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which is suitable for variety of non-coating materials. 5640 series inks are formulated for better extension stretch ability, suitable for use on PVC, PET, backlit film, Banner flex, TPU mobile case, PU leather and other soft materials. Ink.


Print-Head Compatibility:
Epson DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7
Ink Compatibility:
Roland® ECO-SOL MAX™,
Mutoh® Eco Ultra™, UMS™,
Mimaki® ES-3™,  HSTM
440 ml cartridge
1000 ml cartridge
1000 ml bag
Colors: C M Y K

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1510 Series EcoSolvent Ink

Ink of the 1510 series has the increased content of a pigment with a high index of light resistance. Eco-Solvent ink 1510 is eco-solvent so it‘s free from hazardous chemicals and almost odourless, and at the same time it has high resistance to the influence of the environment. Ultra high density and broad color coverage of the print allows to receive deep shadows with well-defining details that is necessary for the interior print and release of reproductions, and also for production of light boxes.

1621 Series Eco-solvent Ink for Mimaki printers

Eco-solvet 1614 series ink for Roland® printers of different modifications. The color rendition corresponds to original Roland® Eco-Sol MAX II ink ™. Are chemically compatible to original Roland® Eco-Sol MAX II ink ™. Don't demand washing and conversion upon transition from original Roland® Eco-Sol MAX II ink ™. Are compatible to inexpensive materials for the solvent press. Reduce operational expenses due the reduction of a consumption of ink and increase in service life of the printing head. Have high resistance to chemical and mechanical influences. Odorless, are safe for the environment.

3100 Series True Solvent Ink

Colibri 3100 series inks are true solvent ink. It is a flexible, multi-purpose ink, which jets well through mid-sized drop volume print heads which many printer manufacturers use today. 3100 has outstanding jet ability at higher printing frequencies and longer open time for total printing readiness when requested.

5100 Series UV Ink

Multipurpose uv curable ink for high resolution printers with printheads having droplet volume 12-40 picolitre. 5100 series ink is a premium high density, acrylatebased wide format alternative inkjet ink set. 5100 provides greater pigment loading, color gamut and longer outdoor adhesion in cold temps. It‘s UV & water resistant without coating or lamination and has excellent adhesion on a wide array of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid substrates. It‘s optimal jetting at low temperatures and optimal curing at 350nm – 450nm using a D Bulb. Best for use in Vutec and Agfa printers.

5414 Series UV LED Ink

UV LED ink 5414 series doesn't contain toxic substances so doesn't do harm to the environment and health of the person. UV LED ink actually have no unpleasant smell that allows to use the prints in external and in the interior print. Broad color coverage. Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials. High flexibility and elasticity, UV LED ink doesn't chop off on a break when gluing a film on curved uneven surfaces. White color allows to print on transparent and color surfaces. It is possible to create glossy and opaque effects with a transparent varnish.

6500 Series DTG Power Ink

DTG Power ink 6500 ink is developed for digital printers on the EPSON platform for the direct print on textile materials such as cotton, cotton / polyester, wool, silk and some other synthetic fabrics. DTG Power ink is characterized: the broadest color coverage and brightness of images; the most high resistance to hand and automatic wash and fading even after 60 wash cycles; 45 second ink cure; the increased resistance to burning out under the sunlight rays; prints don't burst while stretching the fabric; absolute hygienic safety.